“It’s faster and user friendly, and because of
this, I’m able to submit payroll within minutes.”

– Brooke Beierle, President



Vanco Ring Gasket Specialty is a leading manufacturer of quality metal gaskets and seals to the global oil and gas industry. Founded in 1957, the family-owned and operated business takes great pride in providing quality parts at affordable prices to customers. Vanco’s manufacturing facility operates on a seven-acre site in Stafford, Texas, which consists of two warehouses totaling 22,500 square feet.


Usability was one of the key challenges Vanco faced with the payroll company they used. In addition to an interface that was not user friendly, there was no training when Vanco was moved from the basic platform to a more complex system. As a result, Vanco’s team was struggling to complete and submit payroll in an efficient timeframe, and the team was not receiving adequate customer support to address and alleviate their concerns.


Vanco realized that a change was necessary, and migrated to PaySphere. The PaySphere team was able to pull data from Vanco’s previous payroll company and get the team set up, ensuring a smooth, painless transition. PaySphere’s drag-and-drop interface, powerful reporting capabilities, and response time to questions have streamlined Vanco’s payroll time from an hour to mere minutes.

“Service, service, service. Our former payroll company didn’t put the effort into training us. Paysphere took the time to show us how to use the system, and is here for us if we have a question.”

With PaySphere, you’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain insight into your business that will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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