Payroll Case Study – Treadsack

“PaySphere provides local hands-on customer service at a price that is tailored to my needs.”

– Joey Treadway, Owner



Treadsack has a focus on the core values of community, quality, hospitality, education, and fun every day. The company strives to involve everyone in our community from local farmers to local guest. They are committed to only hiring the highest quality vendors, cooks, and bartenders that not only provide excellent products but also deliver genuine outstanding customer service. So, Treadsack’s restaurants have become known for great quality, and great customer service.


For years Treadsack has used had the typical in-house payroll solutions. And, no matter what they tried their employees just weren’t trained as payroll experts, and the payroll just never seemed to work right. It was never on time or accurate enough to be up to meet the company’s standards. The errors were upsetting to the employees, and were a distraction that was beginning to hurt the business. And, all of the extra training and office staff time was getting to be too expensive for the company. The restaurants were growing, and Treadsack needed a cost efficient payroll provider that could fix the issues.


PaySphere took what was once an inconsistent and inaccurate payroll process and effortlessly made it accurate and streamlined. Now the payroll is always on time and on target which translates to happy employees. Also, because PaySphere costs so much less than what Treadsack had been spending in house, they were able to free up funds to be spent elsewhere in the restaurant.

”Also, PaySphere’s customer service model is fast. It has zero layers, we simply call our contact and have our question answered, no wait and no transfers. The big national companies just did not have knowledgeable customer service to get us the answers we needed as fast as PaySphere does every day.“

”Like any growing company we looked at all the big national providers like ADP first. But, we decided to hire PaySphere because not only were they the lower cost, they also understood our needs better.“

With PaySphere, you’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain insight into your business that will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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