Payroll Case Study – Pro Sorbents

“ PaySphere is genuine. They are more than
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– David Fine, Accounting & Customer Service

Pro Sorbents

Pro Sorbents Profile:

Supply Pro Sorbents, LLC supplies industry professionals with necessary safety supplies to protect those working to clean hazardous spills, providing them with the proper equipment for the safe removal of hazardous materials. Supply Pro Sorbents continually implements Lean Manufacturing Process, Kaizen, and Kanban philosophies to better improve reliability, performance, and cost-effective manufacturing.


Pro Sorbents was using a large national payroll and timekeeping provider that due to inconsistent customer service and one size fits all solution had multiple errors from deducting incorrect amounts from employee’s paychecks to depositing to incorrect accounts. Errors like these created additional, unnecessary work for the Supply Pro Sorbents team, and also posed major security risks. Pro Sorbents found that the system was not user friendly and because it was not tailored for their company, they were paying for solutions they were not even using. These concerns, combined with inconsistent service and long customer service wait times, led the team out of frustration to try bringing payroll in-house, which wasn’t the best solution for the business. Pro Sorbents was looking for a partner to assist with payroll, tax payment services, time clocks, mobile friendly employee experience, and timekeeping that would also provide information backup, and have reliable, customized support.


With PaySphere’s truly integrated timekeeping solution with real time access to accurate data, Pro Sorbents was able to reduce the time it took to process payroll from days to minutes, which gave their team time to focus on business goals.

“you’re never just a number” mentality has been transferred to PaySphere’s support team. If I ever have any questions, my account manager is knowledgeable and always responds quickly!”

With PaySphere, you’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain insight into your business that will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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