Payroll Case Study – EZ Line

“PaySphere is consistent, fast, and the most price competitive company we have found. With them it is easy to check time daily which means we can stay on track for our employees and our customers.”

– Olivia Garcia, General Manager

EZ Line

e-z line Profile:

E-Z Line is a privately owned company providing Oilfield Services worldwide since 1952. They are known for providing the best quality products in the industry. Their people are experts at getting customers the products service they need anywhere in the world. They have world class in house capabilities for Design, Fabrication Manufacturing and Assembly. E-Z Line machines, fabricates, assembles & tests a wide range of equipment including E-Z Line Adjustable Pipe Supports, Clamps and Shim Block Assemblies, Custom Pipe Supports and Pipe Shoes, and Structural Steel.


Prior to transitioning to PaySphere, E-Z Line was using Paychex as their payroll service provider. But, the delays in getting payroll issues or changes resolved had become a distraction to both the managers and employees. E-Z Line has a fast moving business, and their employees needed to be paid on time and on target for all the extra work or changes in schedule that they do to keep the customers happy.

E-Z Line found Paychex was just too slow and expensive for their needs. They would call and ask a question or make a payroll change, and then would have to leave a message, or be transferred multiple times before they would receive an answer. They often had to explain the situation or issue multiple times which was wasting valuable management time. EZ Line also had to train four different Paychex account managers on their business during their time at Paychex, and the inconsistency took its toll.

E-Z Line had to make a change. But, how could they be sure that a new company could provide the level of service that they needed to make their employees happy?


After checking several actual customer references E-Z Line selected PaySphere’s payroll & timekeeping solutions.

The customer service provided by PaySphere from day one has allowed E-Z Line and their employees to devote their full attention to their customers. The implementation process of their 401k was seamless and timely. The timekeeping provided by PaySphere allowed for easy tracking of daily tasks, and enabled E-Z Line to stay on track with their work projects. Also, with PaySphere’s dedicated account manager all of EZ Line’s communications are easier, and their questions are answered much faster.

“Since I made the change to PaySphere, my costs are down by over 65%! And, what’s more, my employees have never been happier.”

With PaySphere, you’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain insight into your business that will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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